It’s Autumn… but it’s still Summer

September has ended but the good weather here continues and the tourists are still inhabiting downtown. I’ve spent much of the last quarter updating my earlier comics with the new characters. Whilst this may seem totally unnecessary to most people, it has been an important exercise for me and I have learned a lot from it. Most of all, the whole comic strip series now looks more consistent.

I recently experimented with a clever web-based program which allows rapid production of professional looking newsletters and magazines. In the near future, the plan is to use Zinepal for creating a regular Neatstep Weekly Maga(zine). If you fancy yourself as a news editor, then you might like to try out this website too. It’s easy and it’s a lot of fun…..

My new Twitter account is proving to be very entertaining. It seems to be the de-facto standard now for just about everyone who has something to say. I am trying to restrict my comments (tweets) to the once-weekly introduction of the latest Neatstep comic.

Finally, I will just mention my recent short road-trip along the Oregon coast. It was perfect weather and as everyone had promised, the coastline is truly impressive with long sandy beaches and lovely rainforests. For once, thankfully, there were no significant Neatstep episodes to relate. In fact, everywhere we visited in Oregon, we encountered “free parking”. Now, that’s something I could get used to. Our local City Council should take note and release all those foreign tourists who’ve been imprisoned here for parking on the yellow lines!