No Parking – Except for Exceptions!

They always say you shouldn’t joke about something because it might happen. So when I unexpectedly received a parking ticket recently it reminded me of one early Neatstep comic. How ironic that I, of all people, should fall victim to a downtown Neatstep in my own backyard.

It was Sunday and according to the city’s website, all parking meters were free. Of course, that didn’t really mean “all” parking meters! That meant all meters “except” for some meters which were clearly marked and any other meters which were not clearly marked but who cares anyway! I hope you are following me…..

The result was a ticket on my car windscreen and a fruitless email battle with City Hall. I later revisited the scene of my crime to discover that everyone else was parking in the same manner. A local Neatstep was already printing the next ticket so I complained to him about the poor road marking. He was unsympathetic and explained that it was to save money on painting and I should try interpreting the little signs on the meter.

My really old Neatstep comic (NS0027) came to mind. So in the small print below, it says you now owe me $100 for reading this blog. You didn’t see any small print? That’s because my printer is running out of ink and I’m saving money by not refilling it! Can I make an exception to this charge? Well, maybe, but only if it’s Sunday!