How to Annoy The Neighborhood

Recently our municipality has ceased to become the quiet residential oasis that it once was. Some people call this progress whilst others, like myself, call it disastrous. All things considered, this summer has been a complete disaster. These days, in our district, there seems to be a competition in progress to see who can make the most noise…..

To aid in this respect, our district has installed street pianos at various locations, which has provoked some heated discussions. We are fortunate not to live very close to a street piano. Instead of that, we have a monster construction site next door to us. This means we can only hear the nearest street piano when the generators, drills, hammers, radios and workers have finished for the day.

We look forward to Sundays because that is the only day of the week when there is no construction – only street pianos… and dogs… and motorbikes… and motor scooters… and tourist buses… and planes….. and…..