Other People Like You!

To start off the New Year, I've written a motivational poem (of sorts).
It's for all those who think they need to be like someone else. You don't!
Just read the poem - right to the very end - and you'll see what I mean.
You can interpret the double-meaning title whichever way YOU LIKE!.....


Other people are lucky people
and other people are funny.
Other people make lots of friends
and other people have money.

Other people have lots to say
whether or not it's true.
It sounds so good from other people
why then not from you.

Other people's travel ventures
always seem so great.
Even though they missed the boat
because the plane was late.

You can plan events for other people
asking them to go.
But you're never sure with other folks
exactly who will show.

It's often fun with other people
when there's a group of many.
But if you try to please them all
you surely won't please any.

Other people have troubles too
but they neglect to mention.
All the things that just went wrong
with their latest great intention.

Other people don't read their mail
the way you always do.
And other people won't listen
although you ask them to.

So if you focus on your strengths
the way you know you should.
Then all the things that you've achieved
will look insanely good.

You could always be like someone else
if you really wanted to.
But if you just smile and be yourself
they'll ALL want to be LIKE YOU!