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Happy Easter

The quarterly blog update is late this time around because I have been busy working on some major revisions to Neatstep & Co. I had not been completely satisfied with the recent drawings and how the series was working out. It seemed like a giant puzzle with no obvious resolution and I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong.

So, I decided to seek some expert advice from a professional cartoonist and sent out an SOS email. I was extremely surprised, one weekend, when I received a phone call from Rob Smith Jr. out of Florida. He had very kindly reviewed my comics and had a list of things for me to do. I can't thank him enough. This was exactly the input I needed to get me on the right track and all of a sudden, everything seemed a lot clearer and I could see my way through to the end of the puzzle.....

Exotic Travels

Not wanting to be outdone by Tripgood, we ventured on a semi-exotic journey from West to East via the Panama canal. It was an interesting and exciting trip, but as usual, not without incident.

We hadn’t left our home airport before the first issue arose. Unknown to me, my wife had packed our overnight gear in my carry-on bag. The first I knew was when a security guard pointed accusingly at me, waving a near-empty tube of toothpaste. “This is too large”, he said. “It’s almost empty”, I replied. “No matter, it says 400g”, was the response and it was then confiscated. Can anyone explain to me why a large, near-empty tube of toothpaste is more dangerous than a small, full one? .....

Boston and New York

I was thinking that nothing really important had happened during the last quarter, when suddenly, overnight, we had a worldwide financial meltdown! Maybe it was all Neatstep’s fault. Everything was quiet when we departed for Boston and New York. We had a great time sightseeing and the weather was perfect, making up for that lousy summer.

I guess I should have been suspicious when we arrived in New York to find half of Manhattan closed off because of the UN General Assembly. The place was full of police and limousines with motorcycle escorts, flashing lights and sirens. Everyone was in town apparently, including Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin (who?), George Bush and well, Neatstep, of course……

Neatstep in the News

I figured it was worth writing an extra blog to report that Neatstep has appeared in print for the first time. My thanks are due to Monday Magazine and also to The British Columbian newspaper.

Monday Magazine highlighted my comic about the downtown tourist guides, whilst The British Columbian selected my comic concerning the unanswered emails, to accompany their half-page feature story on the author.

This is an encouraging step forward for Neatstep. I hope there will be more to report in the coming months.

Summer Solstice

The past few months have seen a recurring issue called “customer service”. This topic has provided me with a constant flow of material for my comic strip series, as you’ve probably noticed.

Just recently, I had to deal with a renovator who couldn’t, a plumber who wouldn’t, a gardener who didn’t and a local council who are now immortalized in one cartoon sequence. However, my most interesting encounter was with a large and well-known company, which requested an account update.

They sent me two conflicting letters with three different options. After wrestling with their website for some time, I succumbed and tried phoning them. My skepticism was well founded because, after going round in circles again, I finally surrendered and called the last remaining phone number…..