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New Year's Resolution - think positive!

Neatstep's New Year's Resolution is to "think positive"! We shall see whether this resolve is reflected in the forthcoming cartoons.

Enter Mr. Neatstep

Having spent so much time thinking about this project, I knew almost exactly what Neatstep & Co. would look like. So the process of creating the characters was incredibly fast.

Surprisingly, Mr. Neatstep was the most difficult character to draw and needed several revisions before being satisfactory. After that, however, each one of the other characters was completed almost at will.

Finally, the first cartoons are created and Mr. Neatstep springs into action!

Putting it all together

After months of experimental drawing and even more months of deep thinking, it's time to put it all together.

Over the years I had collected a few dozen ideas for sketches. Now, I realized that many more would be needed if this strip was to really earn the name "series".

So it was, that I went out in search of creative ideas. A dozen became fifty and then one hundred, then two hundred and now it's a question of just keeping on going.

There's only one last problem - I still have to draw all these things! Well, at least, now I have a target to aim for.

What do you think, teacher?

The drawing course was excellent and the teacher was kind enough to explain all sorts of issues which were not on the agenda. I learned how to draw such amazing objects as fruit bowls and vases!!! More importantly, however, I learned exactly which techniques and tools I needed for my own devious purposes.

At one point, my interest was peaked when our teacher commented that she used to teach cartooning, but never again would she try to do this with adults! After class, I cautiously followed up on this and asked whether she would at least give me some hints on the topic.....

The learning curve

Having ideas and putting them into practice are two different things.

Coming from a family of teachers and artists, I was hoping that some of these skills were present somewhere in my genes.

Not being entirely confident in that factor, I decided to register for a basic drawing course at the local adult center.