First Quarter Update 2008

The first quarter of this year has been largely uneventful. That’s quite a relief after all the surprises of last year. Neatstep is still alive and well, following the extensive character updates and cartoon editing.

The first thing I’ve noticed this year is that everything is so expensive now. The bankers tell us it’s because of “inflation”, as if inflation is something “magic” that just happens by itself.

We’re told inflation is around three percent, but it seems more like twenty-three percent. I guess the “magic” is that everything we buy is getting magically smaller. Toilet rolls are a perfect example. I think their diminishing size is a much better indicator of inflation than the official measurements…..

The most annoying thing is when package contents become smaller. I recently tried to purchase 12 screws for a repair job but every packet in the hardware store contained exactly 11 screws. How ridiculous is that! I can’t think of any object that needs 11 screws, except perhaps a flying saucer. Something told me that I, myself, was definitely being well and truly “screwed”! With screws in such short supply, if I ever buy a new vehicle anytime soon, I will be examining it very closely, I can tell you!

Meanwhile, my do-it-yourself (and look-out) house renovations have inadvertently provided some wonderful material for a further set of Neatstep cartoons. The fun details, as always, will be revealed in the weekly newsletter.