How to clean old Silverware

Neatstep parking comic - cleaner than clean

After languishing in storage for many years our old EPNS silverware (cutlery/flatware/tableware or whatever it’s called) was completely tarnished. I tried all the suggested online methods but as usual, nothing worked properly. So, in desperation, I reached for a bottle of Glass Cooktop Cleaner (used for electric range cooktops). This proved so effective that I decided to document it.

Applying the cleaner to a cloth and wiping each item was like watching one of those TV commercials where everything works like magic. Of course, this meant cleaning each piece separately but on the positive side, it was quick, easy and the result was impressive. Rinsing the items afterwards in hot water prevented the next home-cooked meal from tasting a little weird.

Why didn’t I use metal polish? That’s because I always have cooktop cleaner at home and it’s less messy. In fact, this worked so well that I might just try it on my car wheel rims, which is also something I have trouble cleaning. Who knows – the possibilities are endless!

Now for the disclaimer: If anyone else wants to try this, they should test it first on an unimportant piece to convince themself before proceeding.

In the comic above, Neatstep is skeptical of heavily advertised products but the Boss can’t resist blindly following a fashionable trend.