Rain, Rain, Rain

Neatstep parking comic - the value of travel points

I just looked out of the window and guess what – it’s raining again! That’s been the picture all along the West coast for months now. Fortunately, we had an interim vacation and managed to find some sunshine in California. Whilst we were in San Diego we even missed out on all the snow back home. How lucky was that!

Of course, traveling these days is not without its challenges, especially if you are flying. So it was no surprise when we had the usual excitement at the airport security check…..

There’s hardly any item these days which will pass unnoticed through airport security. I needed five separate bins to process all my belongings plus the things I forgot to remove and was ordered back for!

To combat the growing queues, airport security decided to fire-up their brand-new body scanners. Since neither the staff nor the passengers knew how to use these machines, the queues became even longer and the chaos was complete.

I now know, that when they say, “empty everything from your pockets” before the body scanner, they really mean “everything”. I was sure that paper tissues in both pockets wouldn’t affect the scanner. They did and security was not impressed!

In future, I think the best way to handle airport security will be to wear a swimsuit and carry everything else in a large bag. On second thoughts, maybe it would look too suspicious, since there isn’t a swimming pool at the airport. Perhaps they should provide one, so that passengers will have something to do while they are waiting!