Year End Update 2007

This is the end of the very first Neatstep year so it’s obviously a historic point in time! In some ways, I’m quite pleased that it’s the last day of the year. Neatstep always says that you should never go on holiday or never come back. I made the mistake, as always, of coming back and suffering the consequences. The punishment for having a good vacation is being hit with a wave of household repairs, which cost more than the whole vacation itself.

The various issues on this occasion included an ongoing saga with the drainage system, which if it is ever resolved, will be the subject of numerous Neatstep cartoons. In search of some answers, I spent most of my recent birthday digging a large hole in the garden, which my neighbor said, closely resembled a grave. I assured him that it soon would be, if the contractor didn’t fix my problems very soon. At the time of writing the contractor has not been sighted…..

For my birthday, I received an unexpected present and I must say it was worth every single one of the many hours it took to install! After all, I only spent about six hours digging so I obviously had some extra energy left for something else! What could be better than an electric blanket with individual controls? I’ve always felt that the best way to expire would be to accidentally electrocute myself while sleeping. With this special blanket, I am now fully ‘wired’ and ready to go places! I was looking for the “Made in China” label but it only said “Made in the USA with US and Foreign components”. Hmmmn! Now that makes me feel a whole lot better!

I made several resolutions, which are in danger of being broken even before the New Year arrives. My first resolution is not to attack the next contractor I meet. My second resolution is not to get so excited about things. The only time I get really excited is when people tell me not to get excited. I’d better stop there!

Anyhow, this will be a very short blog because I decided to take some time off, like everyone else seems to be doing when I need them. Some people wonder whether Christmas is significant any more. I say it is, because this is the only time of year when everything comes to a complete standstill. I wish all my readers a truly wonderful New Year – but not better than mine, of course!