NEATSTEP – By Paul Francis

You already know him because he’s everywhere. If you just received a parking ticket, it was probably issued by Neatstep. When he’s not out hunting you down, he’s back in the office frustrating his colleagues, Tripgood and Shoedrop, or driving the Boss crazy. Then there’s the Boss’s Son, whose ultra-modern lifestyle, in turn, drives Neatstep crazy and adding to all the confusion is the Boss’s Dog. Stir in the usual office politics and it conjures an explosive mixture of non-stop nonsense.


I had only been in Victoria, BC for one hour when I received my very first parking ticket. I was so upset, I marched into City Hall and declared, ”I’m new in this city. I’ve only been here one hour and I already have a parking ticket!” The clerk looked at me, took the ticket, tore it up and responded, ”Welcome to Victoria!”

After this and many other unique parking encounters, I was prompted to commence a comic strip series, built around the life of an imaginary parking officer. I hope you like it!

PS. Victoria is a beautiful city located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. If you ever come to visit, you will find Neatstep downtown, patrolling the inner harbor, issuing souvenir parking tickets to all the international visitors. If you would like one too, just park your vehicle wherever you wish and leave it for a few minutes!


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