Neatstep is an old-fashioned skeptic who completely mistrusts the modern world and its fast-paced, hi-tech environment. He is very direct, extremely insensitive and regularly in conflict with the Boss and his other colleagues.

The Boss is a simplistic person who commands very little respect from his workforce. As a manager, he is fairly clueless and when he does make a decision, it is usually a bad one and generally backfires on him.

Tripgood is a rock-solid bachelor guy whose favorite hobby is traveling, but his frequent vacation trips usually end in disaster. He strives constantly to gain the affections of Shoedrop and though unsuccessful, he never gives up trying.

Shoedrop is the youngest employee, with a progressive attitude, who frequently accompanies Neatstep on patrol. The complete contrast between these two characters usually results in explosive disagreements.

The Boss’s Son is a regular visitor to the office, where he often experiments with new hi-tech gadgets and interferes with the company’s computer system. His mere presence highlights the generation gap and leads to inevitable confrontations with Neatstep.

The Boss’s Dog is a late addition to the office. The Boss calls him “Never” because he never follows instructions. That’s not surprising, since the Boss knows nothing about training dogs, so he leaves this task to his employees.

The Company is a fictional private organization, which provides a multitude of utility and security services to the city. The tasks can be anything ranging from parking administration to street patrol, traffic control or community service. The stressful nature of the work results in a high turnover of staff, so the challenge of recruiting new employees is a constant headache for the overworked Boss.