South of the Border

Neatstep parking comic - appearing incognito

We just returned from another eventful trip, which started with our usual pirate taxi (this time in Las Vegas), then snow in Arizona (not what we were expecting), some anxious moments in Acapulco and a bit of excitement on our Mexican Riviera cruise. Finally, our luggage was thoroughly demolished upon arrival, so now I know what it means when the airline asks, “how many pieces of luggage do you have”?

I filed a damage report and the clerk asked, “How many pieces of luggage do you have”? I said to her, “Did you mean before, or after the flight?”

Originally, I was given the choice of three trips. My fourth choice (stay at home and relax) was apparently not acceptable. So I opted for the least adventurous itinerary, or so I thought…..

We rented a car for our 2,000km journey from Las Vegas around the canyons, across Arizona and via Palm Desert to San Diego, California. Everything went smoothly except for the navigational disagreement which landed us at 9,000 feet on a mountain pass, in heavy snow with no traffic or snow-plough in sight. That’s when I discovered it’s not a good idea to deploy the windscreen washers if it’s freezing outside!

We finally made it to San Diego and onto the cruise ship for some much-needed relaxation. We went to the Captain’s reception and there was a self-service buffet but no waiter. The captain said, “Are you enjoying your trip?” I said, “Yes, but I just have one question. Whilst you are here with us, who is steering the ship?” He said, “Why do you think this buffet is self-service?”

Fortunately, we made it back home in one piece, unlike our luggage. The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the Grand Circle canyon tour, through Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon. Even the word “spectacular” seems inadequate for these amazing natural wonders. I’m most definitely going to do this trip again – if I ever find the rest of my luggage!