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A Cruise Guide for Beginners

I wouldn't claim to be the most experienced cruiser but I have sailed with many of the popular cruise lines. People often ask me which one I liked best. My answer is that they are all different and I generally select the cruise according to its itinerary and the likelihood that we will survive it!.....

Paradise Found at Half Moon Cay

We just returned after a pleasant cruise from Florida to Panama and back, marvelling at the new canal and visiting some Caribbean islands en route. Having never experienced a Caribbean island before, we were curious about what to expect. The first port of call would be a tiny island called Half Moon Cay, privately owned and only serviced by two particular cruise lines.

The usual travel reviews didn't sound overwhelming, but "seeing is believing" so when we arrived and tendered ashore it was quite a surprise. In the middle of a vast ocean was this beautiful little island, bathed in sunshine, clear blue water, long crescent-shaped white sandy beach, lush vegetation and palm trees swaying in the breeze. It was paradise found!.....

Other People Like You!

To start off the New Year, I've written a motivational poem (of sorts).
It's for all those who think they need to be like someone else. You don't!
Just read the poem - right to the very end - and you'll see what I mean.
You can interpret the double-meaning title whichever way YOU LIKE!.....

Don't mention the BREXIT!

No subject has caused more excitement recently than the so-called "Brexit" - the proposed exit of Britain from the European Union. With apologies to John Cleese for the title of this essay, I will attempt to provide a quick explanation of the underlying issues behind this occurrence which I believe to be really very simple.....

How To Use Zinepal

This is a diversion from my usual blog postings but something which I decided would be very useful.

I have compiled an introductory guide to using Zinepal and it is available online in 4 parts:

PART 1 - Quick Start Guide
PART 2 - Exploring Options
PART 3 - Additional Features
PART 4 - Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting